Star Brand Visuals is a creative consulting studio in Cairns, Far North Queensland, dedicated to enhancing and evolving your brand's visual presentation.


Face-to-face consultations focussed on gaining an insight in to the challenges and objectives for your brand's visual identity. We will advise on how to implement and maintain consistency and unity across every visual element such as print, signage, web and social media.


Whether you're just starting your business or looking to refresh your existing image, the way you visually present yourself to potential customers makes all the difference. We specialise in creative graphic design solutions for all your brand visuals, including logo designs, brand identities, stationery, promotional material, advertising, signage and design for websites and social media.


While digital media is important, print still provides a tactile and intrinsic means of communication. So to compliment your professionally designed collateral we offer a total print management service to ensure your material is produced at a high standard every time - within budget and on-time. Our clients also have exclusive access to monthly specials on a range of printed products, including exhibition display equipment.

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Established in 2003, formally known as Conceptual Graphic Design